Olatunde Osinaike

Writer. Poet. Performer. Engineer.

Selected Publications


“Trill” in RHINO Poetry (forthcoming)

“Self-Portrait in Lieu of My EP” in Palette Poetry (forthcoming)

"What Black Women Have Let Me Get Away With" in Kweli Journal (forthcoming)

“The Author Considers a Country Calling Itself Home” in DWARTS (forthcoming)

“Brief Notes on Ghostwriting” and “Alibi in the Making” in Cosmonauts Avenue | December 2018

“When My Mother Speaks of New Edition” in 20.35 Africa: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry | November 2018

"black boy calls shotgun" in Lunch Ticket | June 2018

"Snakes and Ladders" in IDK Magazine | June 2018

"Customs" and "Cat's Cradle" in The Indianapolis Review | April 2018 (Pushcart Prize nomination)

"How Did We Get Here?" in NATIVE | April 2018

"Some Synonym of Practice I Am" in Voicemail Poems | April 2018

"Patent" and "Trademark" in Menacing Hedge | April 2018 (Best of the Net nomination)

"Mercy, Mercy Me" and "Float" in The Collapsar | April 2018 (‘Mercy, Mercy Me’ was selected for Best New Poets 2018)

Two Poems in Drunk in a Midnight Choir | March 2018

"30 Day Free Trial" and "in defense of renovation" in Puerto del Sol | February 2018

"there is a flower shop next door to the church" in Glass: A Journal of Poetry | February 2018

"throw your hands in the air and wave them like" in Third Point Press | February 2018

"still life as an open casket, still Black & alive" in Split Lip Magazine | January 2018

"Due Diligence" in Anomalous Press (FKA Drunken Boat) | January 2018 (Best of the Net nomination)

"Numbness Speaks to the Body in First Person" in HEArt Online | November 2017 (Bettering American Poetry nomination)

"Sufficient" in Bad Pony Magazine | November 2017

"TI-84" in Minute Magazine | November 2017

Two Poems in Hobart | October 2017

"disclaimer" and "you say you're adding insult to injury" in Black Napkin Press | September 2017

"broken ghazal in auto-tune" and "OutKast Speaks of Ways to Move" in FreezeRay Poetry | June 2017

"How to Trash Talk" in Up the Staircase Quarterly | May 2017

"As I Play a Drinking Game for the Debate, Cheering for Empathy" in Heavy Feather Review | January 2017

"nicknames for my g.p.a." in Yes Poetry | January 2017

"What the Itis is Not" in WusGood Magazine | December 2016


"New Living Translation" and "Aesthetic (The Hood Gon' Love It)" in Crab Creek Review | October 2018 (Pushcart Prize nomination)

"Magazine" in Columbia Poetry Review | May 2018

"to relay race" in Apogee Journal | June 2017

"Siren Says" in The Vanderbilt Review | Spring 2015

"Self-Portrait as Cardboard Box" in The Vanderbilt Review | Fall 2013