Selected Publications


2019 Lucille Clifton Poetry Prize, Winner

2019 Frontier Industry Prize, 3rd Place Winner

2019 Ploughshares Emerging Writer’s Award in Poetry, Honorable Mention

2019 Southeast Review Gearhart Poetry Prize, Finalist

2019 RHINO Poetry Editors’ Award, Second Prize

2019 Atlas Review Chapbook Series, Winner

2019 New Poetry from the Midwest, Inclusion

2018 Best New Poets, Inclusion

2018 Pushcart Prize (XLII), Nominee (2x)

2018 Best of the Net Anthology, Nominee (2x)

2018 Bettering American Poetry Anthology, Nominee


“Ars Poetica” in Prelude (forthcoming)

“Many Hands Make Light” and “In Praise of Protective Styles” in Winter Tangerine (forthcoming)

“Probable Cause” in Backbone Press | October 2019

“Twelve” in Frontier Poetry | October 2019

"What Black Women Have Let Me Get Away With" in Kweli Journal | September 2019

“Like a Million Sunsets on Bootleg” in Bodega Magazine | August 2019

“Self-Portrait in Lieu of My EP” in Palette Poetry | January 2019

“The Author Considers a Country Calling Itself Home” in DWARTS | January 2019

“Brief Notes on Ghostwriting” and “Alibi in the Making” in Cosmonauts Avenue | December 2018

“When My Mother Speaks of New Edition” in 20.35 Africa: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry | November 2018

"black boy calls shotgun" in Lunch Ticket | June 2018

"Snakes and Ladders" in IDK Magazine | June 2018

"Customs" and "Cat's Cradle" in The Indianapolis Review | April 2018

"How Did We Get Here?" in NATIVE | April 2018

"Some Synonym of Practice I Am" in Voicemail Poems | April 2018

"Patent" and "Trademark" in Menacing Hedge | April 2018

"Mercy, Mercy Me" and "Float" in The Collapsar | April 2018

Two Poems in Drunk in a Midnight Choir | March 2018

"30 Day Free Trial" and "in defense of renovation" in Puerto del Sol | February 2018

"there is a flower shop next door to the church" in Glass: A Journal of Poetry | February 2018

"throw your hands in the air and wave them like" in Third Point Press | February 2018

"still life as an open casket, still Black & alive" in Split Lip Magazine | January 2018

"Due Diligence" in ANMLY | January 2018

"Numbness Speaks to the Body in First Person" in HEArt Online | November 2017

"Sufficient" in Bad Pony Magazine | November 2017

"TI-84" in Minute Magazine | November 2017

Two Poems in Hobart | October 2017

"disclaimer" and "you say you're adding insult to injury" in Black Napkin Press | September 2017

"broken ghazal in auto-tune" and "OutKast Speaks of Ways to Move" in FreezeRay Poetry | June 2017

"How to Trash Talk" in Up the Staircase Quarterly | May 2017

"As I Play a Drinking Game for the Debate, Cheering for Empathy" in Heavy Feather Review | January 2017

"nicknames for my g.p.a." in Yes Poetry | January 2017

"What the Itis is Not" in WusGood Magazine | December 2016


“On Deep Conditioning'“ in The Southeast Review (forthcoming)

“Trill” in RHINO Poetry | March 2019

"New Living Translation" and "Aesthetic (The Hood Gon' Love It)" in Crab Creek Review | October 2018

"Magazine" in Columbia Poetry Review | May 2018

"to relay race" in Apogee Journal | June 2017

"Siren Says" in The Vanderbilt Review | Spring 2015

"Self-Portrait as Cardboard Box" in The Vanderbilt Review | Fall 2013